I am discourses et al

Ancient and Modern educations put together have wonder over the marvel of the power held within the Concept of I AM. We wander life, attending school, meeting friends, go through college, job, marriage, children, promotions and demotions, grand parents, retirement, and we die, for many at least. Through out we use the words “I am” to define ourselves to people, and over time through every phase and person, and emotional state the answer has varied.

This is the I AM discourse, where it all begins. I am is the identity we carry. Who we are, or want to be. During this want there is another greater desire, the desire to know, know others, and know ourselves. We do concentrate more as we progress through live on the others, than the one inside. The discourse sets in. We start soon let those thoughts wander and before we know it, we have started adopting things other people do. Sometimes unknowingly start doing things we once hated. Soon our I am changes and we are a different person.

Since time immemorial, the people who have achieved greatness have concentrated on the self within and not the outer self. They have been able to make distinctions about the Self  within (super ego) and the Outer Self (ego). Those who had their super egos win in this discourse over the ego, has attained unity with their true self.

This true self is the divine is us all. The Universal Energy, Nirvana, God, Allah are but names of the same thing. Once connected with the soul entity governing the laws of the universe, a person can work their dreams in harmony. Like how we make use of the sun and plan our day in accordance with it, we live all our lives in accordance with the Divine within

Jesus may not have been after all proclaiming that he was the son of God, rather talking in terms of the I Am discourses prevalent at the time. I Am the Light, I Am the Resurrection and the Life, I am the Opulence of God within me, made visible to eye for my use now and continuously. He was merely tuning in with the Forces of Nature. I AM the SON of the FATHER and you are my brother and sisters, more pointing towards the I AM being referred to the god within, with whom he is in love, and hence sees his creation including his own physical self as a manifestation of god. The I AM within him and all of us is divine.

Which then brings us to the concept of love being the epicenter of this entire debate. Human beings purest energy is the one to love, shown at its purest in a mother’s life, and at its worst at a provoked “to be” ex girl friend. Whatever way it manifests it self, it drives every human being. The love for family, the love for money, the love for power, the love for environment, the love for animals, the love for the law, the love for the medicine, love for people, and love for god and his creations.

Therefore along with the thirst to know a human being driving force is Love. Thirst to know, and the need for security are their to shelter the love that a human being harnesses within them. I Am put an identity to that Love. Plato said “I fast therefore i am.” pointing towards the killing of desire to bring his inner self out, the real Plato in him. Einstein was motivated by his thirst to know, his love for knowledge, and hence for him, his identity became, I think therefore i AM. Muhammad pronounced “I Am the Quran” for he was destined to live it.

World has killed many Since Socrates for talking about the I AM discourses, initially disregarding it as banter, and later blasphemy, however truth be told, it hold the key to illumination, the path to finding answers to the important questions, Who am I?, What is my purpose? What do i want to do? etc

Once a person has recognized who they are, they would need to believe it, the same way we do when we say, I Am (name). Likewise if we want to breakaway from our past and walk into the future a bright, we can follow Jesus’s way, I am the Resurrection, and the Life. Whatever it may be, once you start believing in it, you start believing in your capacity to do this. We dont dream and think about how it wont come true, but we do when we plan our lives. All those negative thoughts then become a hurdle, denying the existence of I AM within us. Every time we say, I AM not, we are negating the positive energy around us, waiting to help us become who we really are. Idea is listen to the inner self, not what others say. What others say is NOT you. You are the I AM you wants to be, so every time a negative thought crops in, we replace it with a positive one. Rather than saying i am not an addict (if you happen to be), you say, I AM Sober. With time and enough belief in it, like the belief that your name is yours, you shall be Sober.

The power of I Am, is within us. For us to grab and hold on to.

I am that i am

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