“Too many young folk have addiction to superficial things and not enough conviction for substantial things like Justice, Truth and Love” says Cornel West. Am I, too, superficial, or do I have conviction in other things. To this day, the idea to write an essay about myself, as most of us have done in school, … More Freedom

Our Nation kills the Innocent and protects the Guilty

There are a certain discrepancies in the media travelling through to us that need to be highlighted and straightened out in Pakistan. We are ashamed for what is being run all around the world on Tvs, but we are acting nothing but like the Sialkot mob waiting to lynch our players even though they have … More Our Nation kills the Innocent and protects the Guilty


*whispers* I can do anything, anything, *shouts* anything…. Bullshit… we always go to the other side, we cry, we laugh, we please, we disappoint, we do everything in opposite. We are but a hero to ourselves. Ironic when there is nothing heroic about anyone of us. Cry baby cry, lie in the name of friendship, … More *whispers*


Another child born, another gift of innocence to this world, everyone is joyous, we laugh, felicitating each other, and then we wait. We wait, we sit and we wait. We let the child grow, we wait, and now when the time is right, we jump, we jump at him, make his loose his innocence, while … More Choice

Irony and I

It’s funny how things can get ironic. It is also funny how happiness is short lived. But the funniest is that even though we spend more time in sadness or in monotony, we don’t ever get used to it. Always yearning for the distance land, the “never land”. We are brought into this world, and … More Irony and I