99 invocations of 99 Beautiful Scared Names

In an attempt to seek the unseen, I sought to invoke the Master of the seen and unseen. I thought it would take 99 days contemplating the 99 Beautiful Sacred names (Asma ul Husna), but clearly I over estimated myself. A year later here are my 99 invocations, hoping that every ameen adds to quickness with which both the writer and the reader may receive the nur (light) of Essence of each name.


  • Ar Rahman:
    Among those that claim to be beneficent and gracious, You are the Most Beneficent, Most Gracious! You are the One who continually showers all of creation with blessings and prosperity without any disparity. You are the One who is most kind, loving and merciful. I am in search of such benefit and such grace! So won’t Ar Rahman shower bless his blessings and grace to the one seeking kindness and his grace?

  • Ar Rahim:
    Among those that show Mercy, you are the most Merciful. I seek Mercy. You claim that your Mercy is greater than your Wrath. You are the One who grants even more grace and greater rewards in response to our good actions and high thoughts. You are the One who greatly rewards those who use the Divine bounties and beneficence in a good way. I seek you Ar Rahim to help me do justice to the bounties you have bestowed upon me, and forgive me of any transgressions. Like a mother’s womb protecting and nourishing a child, protect and nourish me in your Mercy.
  • Al-Malik:
    You are the Master of All Sovereigns, dispensing your Sovereignty to whom you please and taking it from whom you please! You are the One who has ruling power over all beings, and is ruled by none.I beseech you Ya Al-Malik to make me sovereign over my affairs in this world, and to claim Your Sovereignty over my Qalb (heart).
  • Al Qadus:
    You are Purest of Pure, and the Purifier of All. You are the One who is set apart, distinctly different and separate from all worldly imperfections, sins and faults, I am an impure soul seeking purity, so wont You Ya Al-Qadus purify the impure of their imperfections?

  • As-Salam:
    Your existence is in a state of Peace as none knows! All Peace and serenity in the world stems from You. My Qalb (heart) seeks such order and peace in the disorder of this world. You being the Source, won’t You Ya As-Salam make the heart of this pleader dwell in peace?

  • Al Mumin:
    O the Remover of fear; You are the granter of Security. You are the Source of Faith and Tranquility. Every essence of Your being rests in security, and assurance of itself. However, my heart is constantly in need of such firmness of faith and tranquility. My heart is constantly under attack from within and without! So wont the Granter of Security, secure the one seeking Your security? Wont Ya Al-Mumin remove all fears within my heart and help it dwell in your sakina (tranquility)


  • Al-Muhaymin
    You are the Guardian of All that is seen and unseen; the ever watchful protector. I am seeking the guardian of my heart; won’t the Guardian of Guardians guard the heart of the weak hearted! I seek you Ya Al-Muhaymin to safeguard me against my ego and my lower instincts and to guard my faith under the wings of Your love and protection.


  • Al Aziz

You are Mightiest of All those that claim to have might; the One who is the Most Powerful and most Cherished.  Your victory is ensured as Your strength, glory and power are overwhelming and cannot be overcome or resisted. My heart searches reflection of such might against its own weakness and desires. I seek you Ya Al-Aziz to come to the aid of this weak hearted and help me rise above my weakness in strength, glory and power, overwhelming all that tries to distract me of the straight path (Sirat tul Mustaqeem).

  • Al-Jabbar:
    Oh the All Compeller, you say you irresistibly love to restore and mend broken things.
    You are the One who irresistibly restores all of creation to soundness and sufficiency. I am such a broken-being seeking repair. Having wronged myself again and again I have no one left to restore my faith and heart as best as you can. I seek you Ya Al-Jabbar to help restores all of my broken being to soundness and sufficiency?

  • Al-Mutakabbir
    You are the One who is Supremely Great; the One who is greater than all of creation. You are the One who manifests greatness in all things and in all ways. Ya Al-Mutakabbir I seek your slavery for there is no better Lord than You


  • Al Khaliq:
    Oh the Greatest Creator of All among those that claim to create ; does the creator not take care of its creation? Am I then not Your creation as You claim me to be? I seek your Ya Al-Khaliq to be my most dependable, trustee and advocate whilst under the darkness of this ‘time’ to successfully return to You, the tasks I was created for.


  • Al Bari
    Oh the Evolver and Maker of All that exists!I too seek the evolution of my Self
    So wont the best of Evolvers evolve the unevolved Self in me. Ya Al Bari evolve my heart in a way that it reflects only Your Essence in me!


  • Al Musawair:
    Oh the Fashioner of All beauty you have fashioned for this eye of mine to witness in the heavens and earth. Out of those that claim artistic mastery, you are the Master of them all. I seek such beauty to shine within me! Ya Al-Musawair, fashion me in the best of fashions.


  • Al-Ghaffar
    Oh the All Forgiving Forgiver! You say you are a perpetual forgiver for those that seek forgiveness!I am one of those that perpetually seek forgiveness for my sinning! Ya Ghaffar forgive those that perpetually seek the forgiver’s forgiveness

  • Al-Qahar:
    Oh amongst those that claim to prevail you are indeed the All Prevailing.
    I am indeed one of those that keep failing to stay on the right path. I beseech you Ya Al-Qahar so help me prevail on this path so I too can be one of closest in relation to Your Throne.

  • Al-Wahab
    Ya Al-Wahab among those that bestow you are the Greatest of Bestowers! You granted David his Kingdom and Israel its freedom. I too seek to be bestowed bounties from within your grace.So won’t the bestower bestow the needy from Bounties of his Grace?

  • Ar-Razzaq:
    Among those claiming to Provide you are the best of Providers. You are the One who creates all means of nourishment and subsistence, the One who is the giver of all things beneficial, both physical and spiritual. I am one of those seeking Your provisions Ya Al-Wahab for this world and the next and for both my material and spiritual needs. So won’t the Best of providers provide the best of provisions to those seeking of it?

  • Al-Fattah:
    O’ the Opener of Gates to the seen and the unseen realms. I am seeking to open doors that have been closed on me for I misled myself.O’ the All-Knowing Opener of gates, open the gates to my heart in a way that it never closes, open the gates to my sustenance in a way that your blessing never ceases. Open my mind to realms of knowledge it never had. Open the doors O’ Opener to the Self within me, and to your right path.
    So won’t the one who claims to be the Opener of all Gates, open them for those seeking its Opening from Ya Al-Fattah?

  • Al- Alim
    Oh the All knowing! You are the One who comprehends everything, the One who is intuitively aware of all things, even before they happen. Then know my heart for it seeks you, and know my mind for it seeks this world. O Al-Alim bestow Your knowledge upon me so I may silence the mind, and cleanse the heart so as to spend my life knowing and loving you, and you alone; dispense of Your knowledge and grace upon me for I am in need of it.


  • Al-Qabid
    Oh the One in whose grip is the entire universe, the One who Straitens and Amplifies what All he wishes as he wishes. Straiten the view of my ego and Amplify Your Self in my heart; seize and take hold of my heart, as you hold the universe, reveal your nearness to my heart out of your Munificence, and don’t isolate me from Yourself out of my ignorance. Make me dread the distancing of my Self from you Ya Al-Qabid and unveil your Glory upon me so that I may remember nothing but You!


  • Al-Basit:
    O’ Expander, Granter of Abundance.You say the best of trades is the trade with You! So I come seeking that trade. There is none whose help is as worthy as yours! So I come seeking that help. You say that for those seeking You, you expand for them their ways towards You stretching out to comfort and provide for them. Plant Your seed in my heart Ya Al-Basit and help it grow and flourish in great abundance.


  • Al-Khafid
    O’ Abaser, O’ the humiliator….by manifestation of your power the greatest of kings and tyrants have fallen; by your command the greatest of enemies of your system have suffered humiliation; by your mere Qun (Be) oppressors have been suppressed!
    Ya Al-Khafid abase those that seek to harm me; if your will is to test me by abasing and humiliating me, or I suffer that consequence out of my own ignorance, give me the patience to humbly undertake the fall from grace, guide be back to the straight path and never leave my side even when your test of abasement visits me.


  • Ar-Rafi
    O’ Exalter! You are the One who uplifts the fallen; O’ the One that exalts beggars to become kings, the One that honours man by his own wisdom.
    I am then one of those that seek your exaltation through you. So won’t You, Ya Al-Rafi, help me to rise above petty desires and selfishness to have faith in your path and system? Won’t the Uplifter help me to rise above the distinctions and differences that divide mankind?

  • Al-Muiz
    O’ the One who gives Sovereignty to whom he pleases and takes away sovereignty from whom he pleases. O’ the One who honours whom he pleases and dishonors whom he pleases. I seek Your glory and strength through You! Ya-Al Muiz You are the Exalter and bestorwer of honour, so help raise me and the needy and the weak to a station of honor and power.


  • Al-Mudhill:
    O the One who Humiliates whom he chooses, and degrades them in situations out of his own wisdom. I seek refuge in You from your humiliation. When my enemy intends to harm me, or plans to humiliate me, come to my aid then Ya Al-Mudhill and turn their plans and plots against themselves.


  • As- Sami
    You are the All Hearing, the One whose hearing of one side does not restrict him to hear the other side. It does not matter if the seeker calls You out loudly, or silently in their heart, there is nothing that remains unheard by You. Hear the call of my heart as it calls you, for it seeks nothing but You! When the world shuns me, or I find myself incapable of making myself be heard, I will trust You to hear my calling Ya As-Sami and respond.


  • Al Basir
    O the All Seeing, You are the One whose seeing of one side does not restrict him to see the other side! I seek Your sight to do justice if it means standing against myself. Mankind then is set on a course where he always commits tyranny if it’s given excess, so keep excess away from me, for I do not want my sight to be set upon anything but You.
    You are best acquainted with the conditions of my heart Ya Al-Basir, so grant from within yourself, the best remedy for it, that it may find tranquility.


  • Al Hakam
    O’ the All Judicious Judge! There is no doubt in your justice, and those that persecute indeed will suffer. Your command over me will be executed and Your judgment of my affairs is fair. Indeed there is One God and I am indeed one of the wrongdoers; I seek refuge in Your forgiveness your from Justice Ya Al-Hakam. I beseech you on behalf of all those that are persecuted, help them be free of their persecution and be swift in your Judgment against the Persecutor, for indeed persecution is worse than killing.

  • Al-Adl
    Oh the Utterly Just, help me stand by what is right and help me shun whatever wrongs my soul. Ya Al-Adl grant me the power to distinguish right from you and the power to be Just from within You, so that I may do justice to my soul and towards my fellow human being!

  • Al Latif
    O’ the Subtle Gracious One, You are acquainted with the book of my Life. You have been kind despite I having fallen from grace many a times. I seek Your Subtle Grace to rub off on me so I to may be one of those that show grace and subtle kindness towards myself and Your creation Ya Al-Latif

  • Al Khabir
    O’ the Knower of Inner Reality and the Knower of Truth, I seek Your knowledge, I seek Your reality. You are the One who knows and understands the meaning of even the most hidden of secrets, the One who know the inner truth of every condition and situation. Help me Ya Al-Khabir in knowing those secrets and knowing those inner truths so I to may dance in the light of your knowledge and success of the straight path.

  • Al Halim:
    Oh the Forbearing One, Oh the One who is kind, gracious and serene in all situations.
    At every moment of my weakness, at every moment of my faltering, I seek you! You are calm and deliberate, and never hasty, even with the rebellious and wrongdoers. I am one of those that keep rebelling against my Self to fulfill the desires of my ego. It is in those moments that I need you Ya Al-Halim to be forbearing towards me, and guide me to the right path with patience, grace and compassion.

  • Al-Azim
    O’ the Most Exalted, O’ the One “To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth, and He is the Most High, the Most Great. (42.4)
    I exalt your name for you say “So Exalt, the Name of your Lord, Al-Azim” (56.96). Ya Al-Azim exalt my status among those that exalt Your name!


  • Al Gaffur
    Out of those that claim to forgive, You claim to veil and forgive our faults and sins in the most beautiful of fashion, such that they become invisible, even to Your angels.
    I am one of those that seek Your gift of forgiveness. Your forgiving demonstrates excellence and I would be lost if I can’t avail of it. Ya Al-Ghaffur create a veil between my Self and temptation; create a veil between my Self and the effects of my wrong, so that I too may succeed on your straight path.


  • Ash Shakur
    O’ the Most Grateful, the Most Appreciative, You are the One who graciously gives large rewards, even for a small amount of good work. My actions are not worth much, my intentions falter, but my heart yearns for your one look of appreciativeness; that alone can make me drunk in Your love, and be thankful. I beseech You Ash-Shakur to bless me with your grateful rewards, for no reward is better than what You grant.

  • Al-Ali
    O’ the Most Exalted and Sublime. Among those that claim a high status there is none Higher and Exalted as you are!I am one a lowly creation of yours, seeking Your Exaltation from within You Ya Al-Ali to overcome and overwhelm my weakness and my enemies and to help me advance, promote, rise above those claiming to have risen in this world and the next.

  • Al-Kabir
    Ya Al Kabir you indeed are the One whose Essence is the Greatest, bestow upon me your Essence so I too can dance in its greatness!

  • Al Hafeez

O’ the One whose power preserves the heavens and the earth; O’ the One who protects and preserves all of creation from perishing. You are the One who vigilantly guards every detail of all that You have created. I seek you Ya Al-Hafeez to help me preserve my faith in You and to protect me against the evil of my lower instinct, my ego, my enemies and shaitan.


  • Al Muqit
    O’ the Nourisher of All creation! From the biggest fish in the Ocean to animals and birds and humans, all feed upon your bounty!I seek your intercession, Ya Al-Muqit, to provide for me out of the sweetness of your bounty for everything else sours in comparison to the nourishment and preservation you provide

  • Al Hasib
    O’ the One who keeps All Account. My Account of weakness and follies outnumber the righteous acts! There is then no one that can save me but You, so I seek my refuge in You and from Your account Ya Al-Hasib.


  • Al Jalil

O’ the Truly and Supremely Great, O’ the Glorious and Majestic One, share your majesty Ya Al-Jalil with those You claim to Love more than their mothers. I seek your Majesty from within You, to shine upon me Your glorious Nur (light)


  • Al-Karim
    O’ the Bountiful, O’ the Most Generous, both materially and spiritually, You indeed bless eternally, even unto those who may not seem (to us) to be deserving. Ya Al-Karim bless me too from the sweetness of Your bounty!


  • Al-Raqib
    O’ the One who watches all things, O’ the One who is the ever vigilant witness, bear witness to my yearning and love for You; I ask You for nothing but unconditional Love.
    O’ the One from whose observation nothing is hidden know the condition of my heart! If there is anything in it but Your remembrance Ya Al-Raqib, remove it, and replace it with Your watchfulness so that I seek nothing but You!


  • Al Mujib
    O’ the One who answers prayers, O’ the One who responds to our needs; hear my prayers and answer them; listen to me and respond; penetrates through every obstacle in order to reply to my prayers for I expect nothing less of You for You call Yourself Al-Mujib, the full-filler of prayers


  • Al Wasi
    O’ the One whose expansive essence holds and embraces all of creation, embrace me and never let go, for there is nothing to seek outside Your essence and embrace. Expand my wisdom, and consciousness Ya Al-Wasi to reflect Your wisdom and consciousness in me.

  • Al-Hakim
    You indeed are the Most Knowing, the possessor to the quality of discrimination between right and wrong; You are indeed free from error or misunderstanding. Share Your wisdom with me Ya Al-Hakim; teach me the difference between right and wrong; give me strength to hold onto what is right, even if it means going against my self, to seek Your pleasure! Dispense from Yourself the wisdom that opens the secrets of secrets within my heart from within your knowledge.


  • Al-Wudud
    O’ the Source of All Love You created the world from the very essence of Love; teach me that love and how to share that love, for I am hurting and it is only in Your love do I find comfort. O’ the All loving, You claim to love Your creation more than our mothers! I dont know a mother that does not hurt and cry for their child and run to comfort them in their need. Hear me cry for You Ya Al-Wudud! Run to me, embrace me, and never let go of me.


  • Al-Majid
    O the One who shows humankind the highest, the most perfect example of goodness, richness, and generosity. Bestow upon me Ya Al-Majid from within Yourself the highest, and the most perfect of your goodness, richness and generosity, for I expect nothing less from you.


  • Al-Baith
    O’ the One who chooses who shall awaken and whom to send forth, I seek you to awaken my heart and shake my soul. O’ the One who decides whom to raise up, you indeed have the power to awakened the dead; I seek you to raise my Self, and awaken the dead in me; resurrect me and help rouse up humankind. O’ the One who sends light into the world of darkness, the One who dispatches messengers into the world to guide humanity, shed your light upon me, and dispatch Your messengers to me, so I too maybe guided towards You.


  • Ash Shahid
    O’ the Witnesses of the seen and the unseen, You know the condition of my heart like no other; O’ the One who has knowledge of all that happens everywhere at all times, hear ye my yearn for You. I seek Your Mercy from Your Witnesses’ Account for it is only through Your mercy that my mistakes and sins can be concealed, whether committed knowingly or unknowingly, from the Witnesses you have appointed upon me Ya Ash-Shahid


  • Al-Haqq:
    O’ the True, the Real, and the Only Truly-Existing One, Your Essence is the only substance and the only reality that exists; drown me in Your truth; unveil it to me All-Revealing One! O’ the One whose essence is wisdom, justice, right, good and correct. Reveal Your Essence within my heart, Ya Al-Haqq, and bless me with the gift of Your Wisdom, Your Justice, and Your Truth,  so I too can bask in the glory of ‘An-nal-Haqq’

  • Al-Waqil
    You are Only One who can be entrusted with the management and resolution of all affairs; I submit all my affairs to you. You indeed are the supreme advocate, trustee, guardian and administrator of all things; appoint Yourself as my guardian guiding me away from own weaknesses always advocating what is better for me. Your Wisdom can be trusted to do better for us than we can manage for ourselves. Should I seek someone else when You are the One who can be trusted to provide the perfect resolution for all matters; when knocking at your door for help is the easiest. When I am confronted with an adversary stronger than I am, be my advocate Ya Al-Waqil. I am, knocking at your door, entrusting You with my life for I trust You to take care the best care of it in this world and the next.

  • Al-Qawiy

O’ the One whose Strength and Endurance is supreme. I find myself weak against my lower instincts, my ego and the enemy that whispers; give me strength from within You Ya Al-Qawiy so I can carry on despite faltering. Strengthen my ‘faith’ through Your Strength, and with Your Strength guard it against its enemies.

  • Al- Matin:
    Out of the many that claim to be loyal, Your Loyalty is unmatched, firm and constant. Teach me loyalty to the owner of my heart from the Essence of Your Loyalty. You indeed alone can easily overcome anything through the supreme firmness and strength of Your determination; I seek your firmness in moments of my weakness, Ya Al-Matin, and I seek Your Determination in moments when I am about to give up.

  • Al-Wali
    O’ the Protector of his friends, the Most sufficient as a helper, I seek refuge in You from my ego and my lower instincts; I seek refuge in you from the whispering ones, that whisper evil into the hearts of humankind and my enemy. You have the most knowledge of the strengths and weakness of my enemy whoever or whatever it maybe; if You become someone’s Helper, their Friend, their Guardian, Ya Al-Wali, can they ever be disappointed? O’ Helper and Guardian of Faith help me guard my faith against my ego, my weakness and my foes so that my heart can learn to mirror Your Faith.


  • Al-Hamid
    “All Glory is to you, the All Praiseworthy, I praise You to the multitude of your creation, I praise You to extent of your pleasure, I praise You to weight of your throne, and I praise You to the number of your words.” I beseech You Ya-Al Hamid to raise me and include me among Your Praiseworthy slaves.


  • Al–Mushi
    O’ the One who comprehends everything, small or great, inner or outer, O The One who registers and records every thought and deed; register my goodness Ya Al-Mushi and forgive my bad, for I don’t doubt Bour Register but I do seek Your mercy from it.


  • Al-Mubdi
    O’ The Originator, O’ The Starter, O’ The Beginner, unveil the original love, the essence from which You created all. Guide me on Your path, Ya Al-Mubdi, so that You can help me begin a life submitted to the essence with which you Originated, Started and Began everything.


  • Al-Muid
    O’ the One who restores and revives the spiritual essence of every person, O’ the One who repeatedly renews mankind’s proper relationship with goodness. Ya Al-Muid help me revive the spiritual essence in me, renew my relationship with Goodness


  • Al-Muhyi:
    O Giver of Life, It is through your will I taste of this life, and it is through your will that I shall taste death. It is You who brings to life land that is barren, and it is You who brings to life those dead. So give a new life to my Qalb (heart) Ya Al-Muhyi and make me an inheritor of your wisdom, patience, healing, abundance, Your strength and the will to succeed upon the straight path.

  • Al-Mumit

O The Bringer of death, before death over takes me help me succeed on the straight path, and after it envelops me, make me one of those that find their abode near to you Ya Al-Mumit.

  • Al-Hayy

Oh the Ever-Living, life flows through me for you commanded it ‘To Be’. You are the Life from which all life arises. I thank you for the life you have bestowed upon me, but I seek you Ya Al-Hayy to help me do justice to the Trust of Life you bestowed upon me.

  • Al-Qayyum
    Oh the Self Sustaining, Self existing one, you are all that exists, so help me and work through me to make your existence known in me. You are the only being Ya Al-Qayyum and all else is your becoming; make me your becoming!


  • Al-Wajid
    O Al-Wajid, I seek refuge in You from want and humiliation. O the all Finding, all Perceiving, help me find myself and help me be satisfied with what you have chosen for me.


  • Al-Majid

You are the All Praiseworthy and the Most Honorable O Al Majid; increase me in Honor from within You and guard me against the defamers and heal their hearts so, You and they can forgive me for any transgressions i might have committed against you, them or myself.


  • Al-Wahid
    O the One, I seek Oneness with you! O Al Wahid I seek you to prevail over & within me


  • Al-Ahad

h Ahad, the One I surrender to you! Envelop me now in your protection, your guidance and care.


  • O-Samad
    O Samad the eternal satisfier of every need, let me be satisfied with the affairs you have prepared for me from your right guidance.


  • Al-Qadir
    You have the Power to set into decree what you wilt O Al Qadir; decree for me mercy from within you and refuge within you from want and humiliation; decree then for me what is best for me as expecting less from you is not worthy of you.


  • Al-Muqtadir

O Al Muqtadir, It is You that decree everything in action! Your command over me will be executed! So decree for me what is best for me for I surrender to you what I thought was best for me.

  • Al-Muqaddim
    O Muqaddim, You are the Expediter of affairs! Expedite goodness for me in my affairs and help me rise, above those that preceded me, in righteousness and good action.


  • Al-Mu’akhkhir
    O Al Mu’akhkhir, the Delayer, you promise Forgiveness to those that seek. So forgive me and delay for me your judgment upon me, so that by the time it is executed, you have forgiven me of wronging You, myself and others.


  • Al-Awwal
    O Awal the foremost among those that claim to be Foremost, make every intention, thought, action or command of mine start foremostly by your blessed Names


  • Al-Akhir
    O Al Akhir, the Last among those that claim to outlast others, I seek you to make every end of my intention, thought, action or completion of my duty with giving thanks to You, so that my beginning is with your Name, and when time comes, it is with your Name it ends.


  • Al-Zahir
    O’ the Manifestly Evident you are Al Zahir, whose essence can be seen in all creation. Hence, I seek thee to brighten my existence by making yourself Zahir within me, so not only can i exist in union with you, but that I also live by it.


  • Al-Batin
    O’ Al Batin the Hidden One, You say I am (Man) Your secret and You are My (Man’s) Secret. The inner knowledge of Your Hidden Essence (ilm- al batin) is a secret of Your Secrets. I beseech You O’ the One who is worthy of all praise to put into my heart the knowledge of your Hidden Essence, for no one else can, so that my existence ceases and my heart reflects Your Secret of Secrets working through Your Secret that you say I am.


  • Al-Waalee
    You are the sole planner, implementer, governor and ruler of all things; You are the supportive, friendly and helpful master of all things. I relinquish my plan for Your plans for me Ya Al-Waalee. Be the governor of my heart and the supportive master of my soul.


  • Al-Muta’ali
    You are the Supremely Exalted Ya Muta’ali! I am one of the most lowly! Reflect within my heart then the Essence of your Exaltation so I too can cleanse myself of my lowly self and my ego. Exalt my status in this world and the hereafter for none other can do so.


  • Al Barr
    You are the Most Kind and Gracious Benefactor O Barr. Your goodness has no parallel and your blessing has no equal. I seek the best of rewards from you and none other, and I seek you to bless me from the sweetness of your Bounty.


  • Al-Tawwab
    All Praise to You the All Praise worthy. Praise to you to the number of your creation. I won’t be in a position to seek forgiveness from You had you not beckoned for my heart to turn towards repentance, for that I thank thee. O Al Tawwab, my sins are like the highest mountain and my good deeds are but like pebbles! O the turner of hearts toward repentance, I turn to you in shame repenting, seeking you to restore me to Grace as you promised O Oft Forgiving.


  • Al-Muntaqim
    You are the final Disapprover, the Inflictor of Retribution Al Muntaqim. I seek refuge in you from your Disapproval and Avenge; I seek mercy and refuge in you from your retribution. O Avenger avenge for those that are persecuted and oppressed. Avenge for those that have no one but You as their Protector and have put all their hopes in You for their peace and security.


  • Al-Affuw
    You don’t like the mention of evil except by the one who is wronged. In the same manner I hope for your Pardon and in your pardon I hope you will conceal my wrongs too O Pardoner. O Affuw there is none better than you at removing and obliterating all traces of wrong, and sin. So wash away my sins from the Register that registers everything, and destroy the want of committing sin from within me.


  • Ar’Rauf
    When I hurt myself, when i am alone, when i am lonely and crying, when i am dejected and lost, when i seek guidance and a compassionate friend, come to my aid then Ar’Rauf.
    Out of those that show Mercy you are the Most Tenderly Merciful, out of those that show compassion you are the Utmost Compassionate. If you could think to put such tender love into mothers for their children for our temporary abode in this life, is it possible for me to imagine you as anything but the Source of that Tenderly Love. I see You as such, hoping to find You as such.


  • Malik ul Mulk
    You are the Master of Me and the Created World O Malik ul Mulk. You are the Master of what I need, and the Master of what I want. You are the Owner of my ambition and the controller of my enemy. Out of those that claim Sovereignty You are the Sovereign of them All. You take Sovereignty from whom You will and Give Sovereignty to whom You will. As the Slave to the Master of All I expect the best of this world from You and the next. Establish your Sovereignty over my heart so even i cannot try to claim it, and my heart is found prostrating always to the reflection of You within it.


  • Dhul-Jalali-wal-Ikram
    O the most Precious, Revered and Honored One. O the glorious and majestic Lord of All Generosity and Bounty; when all is perished it the face of Your Majesty that will survive. The beginning is You, the End is you, and somewhere in the middle I find myself yearning for you! Ya Dhul-Jalali-wal-Ikram Your mere presence bestows Glory and Bounty upon those in nearness. Bless me then with a heart that finds itself near You, for anywhere else it is but Lost without You.


  • Al-Muqsit
    While man is bent on creating an imbalance it is You that keeps the balance Al Muqsit! It is in your faith that a persecuted person is able to laugh, whilst it is in the lack of your faith that a Ruler laughs when his people suffer. O the One that Establishes Justice in the world help me do away with every grain of injustice that resides in my heart mind and body! Before I expect anyone to do Justice to me, lead my heart to be Harmonious and Just to others and let not the injustice and imbalance in me effects others for verily Your judgment over me will be executed.


  • Al-Jami
    When all is done it is You who will gather all on a day of which there is no doubt. But O Gatherer, I ask you to gather us today, unite us when some of men are bent on dividing us. O Unifier help us see the things that are common between us, and let the voice that shows only the differences between human beings be silenced. O Collector, you like those that congregate for a good cause, You like those that help reconcile differences between people, You like those that help others form unions and bonds; then help me Al-Jami to reconcile the differences that exist in my heart and mind. Help me unite with those that I hurt. Help us bridge bridges between hearts and collect us all in a congregation of goodness


  • Al-Ghani
    You are the One who is Self-Sufficient; the One without need of anything, the One who transcends all needs. If I am your servant, would You want me to seek my sufficiency else where but from You? O self-sufficient one, suffice for me what You have Chosen for me.
    You are the One who is free from any dependence. If I am your servant, would You want me to be dependent on another but You? O You who is free from all dependency, help me be dependent on no one but You.
    You are the One who flourishes without help or aid of any sort, yet who is needed by all; You are the One upon whose wealth and riches all others depend. If I am your servant, would You want me to seek fulfillment of my need at the court of another? O Al-Ghani help me be satisfied in what is Your want, and help me surrender to You what is my want.


  • Al-Mughani
    You are the One who enriches all of creation; when my heart becomes weak at the fear of privation of wealth and I am about to faulter myself, Enrich me O Enricher.
    You are the One who bestows satisfaction and contentment; when I find myself dissatisfied, come to me O Bestower of Satisfaction and let not my heart seek anything but Your Pleasure.
    You are the One who bestows spiritual wealth, Al Mughani; when I find myself spiritually weak, when my defenses against the dark forces weaken, bestow upon be wealth to enable my spirit to seek none other but You.


  • Al-Mani
    You say You are the best at averting harm, be it physical, mental, social, economic or spiritual. When harm of any material nature, evil eye, or dark forces follow me, surrounded me O the Best of Defender and Protector; it is then that I would need a guard to guard me against harmful situations. Stop me, when I intend harm towards another and guide me to what is right for me; stop another being or thing from harming me and guide them to what is best for them. I seek refuge in You Ya Al-Mani from wronging myself and wronging others and being wronged by others.

  • Ad-Dar
    I testify that when adversity strikes me from You, there is none that can remove it except You. You are after all the One who creates adversity or distress in order to discourage or correct wrongful behavior. Ya ad’Dar I seek refuge in You from your adversity. When distress calls me out, give me patience to learn what is best for me; enable me to correct myself, and guide me to what is right for me.


  • Al-Nafi

 O the Source of Goodness sow Your seed of goodness within me! You are the One        who helps; the One who grants all favours; You are the One who confers all benefits; the One who bequeaths all Blessings. Bestow your continuous blessings upon me O Benefiter, and upon those that wish me well. Work through me Ya Al-Nafi to enable me to help those in need, so that when I need You, I always find You besides me as You promised those that help others.

  • An-Nur
    Darkness illuminates by Your Divine Light. The Universe is created from Your Light. Clarity is achieved in the Worlds by Your guiding Light. You are the One who is the Light of wisdom and guidance; the One who’s Light clarifies, manifests and reveals the Truth. It is only through Your manifesting Light that a Heart (qalb) illuminates. As a seeker of that Light, I beseech you by Your Pure Names to reveal Your Self within my heart. Strip away the veils of darkness in my heart Ya An-Nur and reveal within the brightly shining star lit from Your Divine Tree. Polish my heart so it reflects only Your Light upon itself – Light upon Light


  • Al-Hadi
    O the Best of Guides, You are the One who is the source of all guidance that continues to guide till the goal is finally attained; If You could send Prophets and Messengers to guide Humanity, You can reveal Your divine knowledge and presence within my heart (qalb) and be my Guide in my personal life. O Al-Hadi show me the straight path (sirat tul mustaqeem); guide me with Kindness till I reach the success upon it that You have wished for me.


  • Al-Badi
    O The marvelous One who originates, commences, invents and creates all that exists, uniquely, without any model or material. No one can claim to create as much an iota of something without using what You have created to re-create something yet nothing can be compared to Your unprecedented and incomparable inventions and creations. It is then You who created me and it is You who set me on this path. It is then You who must help me reach its ending successfully and beautifully. In separation from You, You help blossom whatever that becomes apparent or exposed in creation, with its own sense of uniqueness. It is only for You to say Be and the matter is. I am in that state of separation calling You out Ya Al Badi to proclaim your Qun (Be) upon my heart (qalb), so that whatever my Self has created within ceases to exist and what You will ‘It becomes’ (Fayakun) and blossoms from within.


  • Al-Baqi
    “Yā bāqī anta al-bāqī” O’ Everlasting One, Thou art the Everlasting One. You are the One who has always existed and who will never cease to be; You are the One whose existence has neither beginning nor end. While I have a beginning and I will have an end, I seek You Ya Al Baqi to make Your Presence Everlasting in my Heart (qalb) during the whole of my existence, never leaving me alone even when my ego or lower instincts try to create a distance between You from Me.


  • Al-Warith
    O’ The Supreme Heir, The Inheritor of All, when all is perished it is You who will remain and to You all shall return. You are the One who has everlasting ownership of all that has ever been and that will ever be. Even my body is on loan and will return to You. Help me lay to rest all the greed and lust, pride and arrogance, hate and jealousy, laziness and misunderstanding, selfishness and attachments, so that all that remains within me is You. Help me beautifully Surrender to You letting go of all worldly things, so that when all has passed my Heart returns to You; so that when I remain no more, it is You who comes to claim my Qalb (heart) as your Inheritance ya Al Warith (الوارث).


  • Al-Rashid
    O’ Director to the Right Way, the Appointer of the Right Path, O’ the One who unerringly guides; You are the Supreme Director to the right path and right belief. I seek You to perfectly and righteously direct all matters of my life and my heart towards their proper conclusion. How can someone be lost if you are their Supreme Navigator along the way? O Al Rashid الرشيد guide me to the what is best for me, guide me to the straight Path, the path of those you have favoured and not the path of those that earn your anger nor those who go astray.


  • Al-Sabur
    Out of those that claim to be patient and steadfast, You are the Most Patient, Steadfast, and Enduring. You are untouched by the need to haste any action before its proper time, no matter how long it may take to bear fruit. I on the other hand always find myself in haste, in a need to rush through life, and achieve my desire in the quickest possible manner. I seek You O Patient One to give me Patience out of Your Patience; aid me in foregoing my appetites, desires, and will in the favor of Your Will. To be able to submit, one has to be patient, help me be among those that show extreme patience. Ya Al Sabur, You have declared Your nearness to those that are patient and steadfast upon the straight path (sirat ul mustaqeem), help me then be among your Sabireen (the Patient Ones).






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