The Game of Thrones: Pakistani Saga


The Game of Thrones: The Pakistani Saga

‘The Winter is coming and this time it might be Long”. The Game of Thrones is writing another epic chapter in its story. The season is changing and it seems as if the fate of the future kings shall been be soon decided.

Since the death of the Great Quaid, soon to become folklore and a Legend like the Dragons and the High Gods, Pakistan fell into the hands of the Slave Gods who since the death of the Father started fighting within for the control of the Iron Throne.

The House of the Bureaucrats, The House of the Armed Forces, and the House of the Feudals took onto the fields. Liaquat Ali Khan, himself a Feudal was never the less a hurdle. He had spent too much time with the Father and may have in the process been baptized. So he had to go. Done. Bureaucracy is the running the show now. The years between 1947 and 1958 are marked by political chaos moderated by the administrative power and acumen of the CSP. They were the most organized but the scum of the British Establishment. The ones who wholeheartedly had paid their homage to their Previous King, taking Oath and making sure his slaves remained in check. The only way they knew how to govern was divide and rule. And what a beautiful performance they put on. Seeds were laid down for the eventual climax in 71. The most educated lot of the country could not draft a constitution. Systematically they threw out, burnt documents of Jinnah, in letter and in spirit regarding the framework for running the Land of the Pure. The Filth of the Land was at work. Seeds of division were being laid.

Seeing the opportune time, walks in the House of the Armed Forces. Major-General Sahibzada Sayyid Iskander Ali Mirza, CIE, OBE, as his name suggests was no different a slave filth subservient under their initial Oath to the British King. The White Master had left, but a vast majority of terrain that had to be ruled. And who better than the ones with the might; the right to walk in and lay claim to the Iron Throne was all theirs for the taking. The “Bloody Civilians” had enough of their fun. However, soldier can only follow orders till their stomachs are fed. Who will feed them? The masters are gone. In comes the Unites States of America. Uncle Sam soon started getting disgruntled by this half bureaucratic half general who was playing “de-seat the Primie-Minister”. ‘Ayub Khan, enough is enough that bloody scoundrel cannot run a country. Throw him out.’ So it was to be. What followed was a time of bliss, prosperity and as our history books so emphatically portray it as, the Golden Era of Pakistan. It’s amazing how Pakistan’s Golden Era came and went by; a sign given to us all growing up that from here on now things will be bad.

But one would imagine if things were so “Golden” why was he to go. He had become all too powerful. The Feudals were not being given their share of the kitty, the treasure was in the hand of but the one House. Bureaucrats knew that. They were the ones dealing with them on behalf of their white masters. So they took care of them under the House of the Bureaucrats. But it was the Industry, that the Hindus and the Sikhs had all under their control before partition, that had then flourished under Ayub and not the Feudals. Hence a new elite emerged. Towns were born, cities grew, and urban luxury was now being experienced in Pakistan by a few for the first time.

Seeing that the Business Community is all powerful, and supporting him, Ayub Khan who was already getting weary of his so called Nephew Bhutto, had him thrown out after the Tashkent Treaty on the Russian Premier’s comment, that he is the biggest threat to Ayub. All this time the Feudal of all the Feudals was seated happy with the House of the Armed Forces. But once kicked out, the House of the Feudals were re-ignited and this time with a passionate and angry Bhutto to lead them. Once famously telling his Daddy Khan “what a fool the Pakistani Nation is” did just that; together with the minor house of Feudals, he marched in the name of Labour. Ironic it was, it turned catastrophic for Pakistan. Champion of Democracy could not fathom the idea of having lost the Elections of 1970, the only fair elections our country has seen, ended up breaking the country. The Deputy Prime Minister at the time under Yahya Khan, Bhutto had the support of the Pakistani establishment against Mujeeb ur Rehman’s people power. The fight for the throne was so vital; it did not matter, that a country formed to unite the Muslims of the World, could not stay United.  From there on in one mistake after the other were committed, which history will reveal as near fatal blows for Pakistan. From formation of the Inter Service Intelligence(ISI)-Political Wing to his Federal Security Force (FSF), Bhutto never was a democrat. Pakistan was never to see an election again up till now. Surely dramas are presented as a live reality show, whenever situation demands it, however only to fool the people again.

So PPP, leading the House of the Feudals under the banner of the Labour Force, being inept at running a country, took on the streets with nothing but Slogans, ‘Roti Kapra Makan’ (Food, Clothes, Shelter), a truly magnificent idea, but was never meant to succeed. The peasants always belong in the fields not the palaces. So land was grabbed mostly from those who had made money under Ayub, the business men, and given to the poor. So selfish and ignorant are the poor, that to this day, they gladly lay down their lives for a man feeding them stolen food. No one denies his charisma, his charm, his intellect, and above all his leadership skills, but his intent, yes. He wanted to be the ruler, the king.  And such played to the gallery. Time was right, socialism was the call for the East. But hold on, once in power, it often always down corrupts the mightiest. Immortality some say is experienced on the great Iron Throne. The Champion of Democracy, first does not accept election results, and when his inept government performs poorly, he can’t take criticism. Systematic killings started of all who dared speak against the Man headed by the FSF. That eventually led the Democratic of all men to impose Marital Law; he chose to fight rather than walking back home, and announcing elections, to fight another day. No, he but would look into the eyes of Zia and say “Either you will live or I will, for when I come out of Prison, I will have your head on a plate”. What a sad demise; a man who apparently was loved by millions had no one holding a single public prayer on his day of the be-heading.

All men make mistakes, when enslaved to their ego. Bhutto was no different. Time was right again, people were rising up against Bhutto. They cease the moment, and take over. Zia gathers all those Bhutto had made enemies of to create a force to counter him. And there were many a list of enemies to choose from.  But the Idea of Nationalism had to be killed. People had to be shown another dream, another ideology to follow. Welcome Uncle Sam. USSR has attacked Afghanistan. The US needs support in the region. Pakistan is the only ally. Money is pumped in. What does Zia do, use it to spread his extremist ideology in the name of Islam. Defenders of Pakistan and Islam help destroy the image of both those things. Pakistan becomes a producer of pseudo Jihadists. Money is thrown around everywhere, and corruption becomes rampant. It’s an easy fix to a big problem. Why deal with it when Money can buy Happiness.  Both of those evils are now here in the present as Zia’s bastard children wreaking havoc in the society and the world.

Times change, Uncle Sam left the region. The soldier had no master funding their expensive government. But what about Zia, who was yet another victim to the ‘Immortality Syndrome’. His immortality became an issue. Plans were made and puff went his plane, blown by some juicy mangoes. Changes took place in Pakistan yet again, and movements for the restoration of Democracy led by many, but eventually taken over again by the Feudals were rallied. But oh they forgot, the fools they were, there is no people power. Zia was dead, a foreigner, whose connection to Pakistan was a Father’s blood in her at best, was brought into the country, and wollah, Benazir is a local legend. If a lesson was to be learned here, it was never to suppress something, for it does spring back. And so did Bhutto’s family. The woman had to do nothing, chew her gum and just wave her hands, and the people fighting for democracy, now were bowing down to her highness.  The short lived sweet return of the House of the Feudals, the PPP family onto the Iron Throne soon ended.

Out of the enemies Bhutto had made and trained by Zia, Nawaz Sharif was a product of such a disgruntled lot, whose factories and livelihood had suffered a blow due to Bhutto’s Nationalism. The sphere of influence of the family was now extremely limited. So what does a good Businessman do, send one of theirs to join the ruling elite to get some favour. The man did just that. The House of the Traders had started flouring under the previous rule of the Armed Forces.  But it was under Zia that members of the House of Traders got to feel the power of politics. Under the guidance of the House of the Armed Forces he learned the tricks of the trade. His first tenure saw him distributing Billions of worth of LDA land to people to buy their loyalty (a scam soon to be made public), but also saw for the first time laws being made in favour of a distinct class: The House of the Traders, ever so strengthening them. Whilst the country was developing at 2-3% under their Government, the House of the Traders – Nawaz Family, excelled at 1000s of percentage. It was not long until the Armed Forces whose tout was now announcing freedom rebelled that he had to be replaced.

By the time the House of the Traders and along with Zia’s bastards got into power in 97, they were a force to reckon with on their own. Bhutto may not have seen such power. But Nawaz Sharif was a God fearing man. So he decided what else better way to worship god apart from having relations with Al-Qaeda et al to support the ones fighting in his name, but to declare himself the high guardian, the Khalifa. God apparently did not accept his worship and seeing a threat to their superior power, the House of the Armed Forces walks back in. Hail Mr. President Syed Musharraf.

The Same then continued. The only difference is that the Bureaucrats as a House of Power were replaced by the richer House of Traders. The House of the Armed Forces, The House of the Feudals, along with the House of the Traders are since fighting for the Iron Throne.

“Time was right yet again”. The House of the Armed Forced needed to be thrown out. Musharaf’s limited ideology that was needed to replace the khilafat was no longer needed. The liberal American Force’s War was coming to an end against the maulvis. Musharaf’ enlightened moderation had done its job, and since his Lal Masjid, Bugti Incident and the Chief Justice debacle had become too much of a hassle. But wait, the war was ending but still continued. Uncle Sam still needed a liberal force to bring the war to a safe end. So the House of the Feudals, who having no prior contacts with the Maulvis were needed. In flies Benazir, but people had other plans. The feudals lamenting in jail under their Arch Rivals, the House of the Armed Forces, wanted to get out. Musharaf’s “Immorality Syndrome” came to the rescue. Consciences were down and Bottles were up, NRO was signed. And once you have the criminals on the loose, accidents happen. Benazir was killed.  The ever so opportunist husband Zardari from the house of the PPP now sits on the throne. The killers of his beloved wife, whose picture had to be taken along on every foreign trip, are still at large.

But as we come to the Present, there is a twist in the story. A fourth house is rising; The House of the Judiciary. At one time it was subservient to the other houses, used and abused by them but since rising up against the House of the Armed Forces, it made them a People’s hero. In the background to the Power struggle, the players of the Game of thrones forget human nature, which shifts every Generation. The first saw the creation of Pakistan, the next its division and the rise of the House of Feudals. Now people are up again, this time behind the House of Judiciary, who is now claiming its independence. The stories most epic chapters hence are being written as we interact. The shift of in the Game of Thrones is taking place. The players forget that the Game has its own rules too. And when tides change and people rise, the Tzar of Prussia didn’t survive nor did any help come to rescue the princes of the House of Bhutto. When peasants, thrown in the field, rise they have no place to go but surround the palaces.

Blessed will be the times when in the end, it’s the People who end up raising their flag, for nations are not born, but risen from the ashes of the dead.

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