*whispers* I can do anything, anything, *shouts* anything….

Bullshit… we always go to the other side, we cry, we laugh, we please, we disappoint, we do everything in opposite. We are but a hero to ourselves. Ironic when there is nothing heroic about anyone of us. Cry baby cry, lie in the name of friendship, cheat in the name of love, kill in the name of God. Oh this is the end, The End Morrison talked about, everyone’s friend, everyone’s safety….but why why why *whispers* WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

In the darkness looms the ever talked about light
The danger that haunts us all
We all want to ride high, words cant fathom the tide so high we ride
The ancients scream the lesson of life
The modernists calling themselves the eagle
‘Go my child my child let not the colour of your skin be the judge, let it be your guide’
‘…but mother I am black, how do I compete with the white light’
‘My child…light is not white…you are black cause you just absorb it all, you have more light than you know’
‘…mother I am complete’
In the desert the stars guide, the snake is a friend, oasis the treasure
In the sea the wind guides, fish is the friend, water the enemy
Why are we so adamant on setting the night on fire, when the day is burning already
What is your name, occupation?
1) George W Bush, President of the United States of America……………….
2) Nelson Mandela, tagged a terrorist
Who is respectful? But the name and occupation still defines us, but why, why, why *whispers*
I am Roxxane, I sell my body for money? ‘You low life scum bag’
I am Paul, named after the Saint, I am an actor? ‘Can I have your autograph’
Roxxane makes a living selling her body, she makes 100 pounds a customer. She has 2 bastard children, aged 5 and 8. If it’s a good month she earns 5000 pounds. Bad one she makes just 800. She has a ailing mother, a dead father, and man who impregnated her, impregnating other women…she does not know where he is. She earns to send her children to school, start a college fund for them. So they don’t do what she has to. She pays the bills for her mother’s medication. She even helps out at the local disability centre. When asked why, she says makes her feel closer to her dead father. He was disabled.

Paul makes a living as an actor. He makes millions. He has a cocaine addiction. He spends most of his money on lavish luxurious life style. Has 2 girl friends, neither one knows of the other. His favourite hobby: snorting and paying a visit to Roxxane.
Judgment time: Roxxane is a filth, while Paul is respected.

Justice might be blind in the court of law, but out there on the streets the bitch got eyes……..

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