What happened today?
I don’t remember but I can’t forget
It was romantic but not dramatic
It was a dream but not a reality
Can I be heading the right way?
Or am I wandering of the path

It seems I don’t care
All I know life is too full of fresh air
You breathe in and I respire
You breathe out and I expire
I want this never to end
I want this never to blend
In the colors of sorrow
For I know after today there will be no tomorrow

I am afraid now that I might loose you
But all I know I would never abuse you
Would you be there to comfort me?
When I need you the most
Can I be there to comfort you?
When u need me the most
Please don’t say no
For I want to do for you the most
All the things you ever wanted

But then I don’t care
For I know I shall not reappear
In this world to face the music
It’s now or never
I am no dreamer
But someone who has no words to express
For todays bless
And therefore I go from here
To my bed thinking there would be a brand new day
Of hope and sunny ray

Tonight there can be no Despair
For I find myself fiddling with your hair
Falling on my rear
I have nothing but to thank
For the look in your eye
The touch of your hand
The feel of your lips
For now it pulls me across the ship
Into the ocean of silence
Where there is everything but violence

I need not know what we did
For I don’t want to open the lid
As I don’t want to bid
Farwell to us
For we have made something beautiful of today
And now in the end I wish u good day


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