Our Nation kills the Innocent and protects the Guilty

There are a certain discrepancies in the media travelling through to us that need to be highlighted and straightened out in Pakistan. We are ashamed for what is being run all around the world on Tvs, but we are acting nothing but like the Sialkot mob waiting to lynch our players even though they have not been proven guilty.

We are a nation that is perceived as being nothing  but bunch of crazy, fundamentalist, poor, hypocrite buffoons being ruled by the ever to “egalitarian” social party, who believes in distribution of wealth amongst the corrupt, blood thirsty scoundrels and media is playing a huge role to identify these issues. However, at the same time it is helping to damage the image of the country more. While i agree that a maxim “innocent until proven guilty” exists, but at the same time our media rather than waiting for the inquiry report of the Sotland Yard, who by the way have released the infamous Mr. Majeed without charging him, we have gone to put our players (innocent maybe) under the knife.

What needs to happen is bridging of the two perspectives. We need to as a nation say that Corruption at any level will not be tolerated be it at the Cricket Level to the bureaucracy, at the street level from the Thula (policeman)  to Zardari. Why are those sitting at the healm of affairs granted immunity. Are we breeding corruption?  And if players are found guilty they should be tried for Treason, however at the same time giving them the sense that till the end report of this entire matter, we the Nation will stand with you for you are our National Heroes. We will stand by you, we will not tolerate any insult like that herelded at us at the Oval Test 4 years ago, we will stand as a nation as we did then at the Oval and now at the Lords. However, if you do let us down and are guilty, we shall ask our Justice System to give you the punishment what an Enemy of the State deserves, for we have not been ashamed despite all of our past as we have been today by the world because of you.

“When the doors of perception are cleansed, things will appear as they truely are”

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