Irony and I

It’s funny how things can get ironic. It is also funny how happiness is short lived. But the funniest is that even though we spend more time in sadness or in monotony, we don’t ever get used to it. Always yearning for the distance land, the “never land”.
We are brought into this world, and are subjected to labeling since we are born. Regardless of the fact that we realize it or not, we end up creating an illusion for ourselves, and we start pampering it. We breathe air to live, but its materialism we associate with ourselves that is letting us live.
We grow up, again to be told if we are evil, or pious. But then at least we are being given something. Something we don’t have to steal or win. We start living the way we are perceived telling ourselves and others that “I am not who everyone thinks I am” whereas, we all are just that.
We take a step towards success and let ourselves know how competent we are, but we do not realize that failure is an orphan, success has many father. We forget that the ladder we are climbing was not made by ourselves, but someone put it there, and we happen to have found it. But when we fail, we tell our selves it is not “I but the other” responsible, again forgetting that failure is after all un-fathered.
We finally come near our death, and we start repenting, again, we are the pious ones, we are not what everyone believes us to be, we make confessions, but do not forget to add that, “had it not been for that guy, I would not have done what I did, so forgive me wrong, for I was mislead by someone else”
We have forgotten that if you are pious death awaits you, and if you are evil, death awaits you to, but how you embrace death, is a matter of choice, and not labeling, not right versus wrong, nor is it blaming others, or making confessions, its about choice.
We are never the less, all leading a very ironic life.

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