I Believe

I believe

I believe,
Yet I repent my past,
I repent my present,
I repent my future,
Still I have to live,
I have to survive,
So that I can provide,
To the world some love.
Should they not learn how to live in a hive?
Even so more they are not bees but human,
Yet they fight,
Is this the reason I live, to see all those die.
The pain is overwhelming, yet for some it is heeling
Some would call me a dreamer, some mourner
But I do still believe in love.

It is a catastrophe;
How the world has been taken over by hate,
the colors of the sky,
the boys and the girls,
it’s sad it took fighting just to bring us together;
I believe in love,
I believe in forever,

But for now all I see is red,
Is it my eyes or is it my view,
I have no clue.
Still I believe things would change,
And I am no dreamer no mourner,
I am just a person,
Who repents his past,
Who repents his present,
And who repents his Future;
Yet I believe in love.


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