I am that I am

I am having to respectfully disagree with the existentialism of Baba Bulleh Shah in “Bullah ki Jana Main Kaun (attached below), for i believe he was restricted in his thought, the surrender had not become oneness, (though his other works like heer ranjha:
By repeating the mantra of Ranjha I myself have gone Ranjha Call me Dheedo Ranjha None should call me Heer Ranjha in me and me in Ranjha no alien ever conceived] seems to be a departure from his who am i).
God, in Book of Jobe says, I am that I am, and in the Quran says i am omniscient Residence of God has been accepted by all mainstreams religions and spirtual orders in being within each of us(the debate continues where within exactly is, mind or the heart etc) however most schools of thought on the subject are in convulsion as to where God resides.

I am but my existence, my imagination is unlimited
I cease not to the forces of nature, but they cease to the order in me
I am the Pen of Iqbal jotting down his dream
I am the Letter of Ibn Khitab to the Nile
I am the Staff of Mosses dividing the sea
I am Jesus’s Healing the lepers
I am the Arc of Noah riding the tides
I am the Songs of David, enveloping the world
I am the temple of Solomon, dispensing the King’s Justice
I am the Sword of Ali, marching the Truth
I am the Neck of Hussain, the sacrifice of all
I am Umar II’s reverence, rising above the risen
I am Muhammad’s Meeraj, completing my Journey
I am that I am I am An’al Haq, An’al Abrar ul Haq

Baba Bulleh Shah’s Bullah ki Jana Main Kaun:

Bulleha least I know who am I ?
Neither am I a believer in mosque
Neither have I trodden the infidel’s path
Neither am I pious nor sinful
Nor I Moses nor Pharaohs

Bulleha least I know who am I ?
Nothing I have to do with piety or putrescence
Nor am I in pleasure or grief
Neither am I of water nor of earth
Neither am I of fire nor of air

Bulleha least I know who am I ?
Neither I found the secret of religion Nor was I born of Adam or Eve
Neither I gave me any name Neither am I of those who squat
Nor I have to do with dwelling

Bulleha least I know who am I ?
From the beginning to the end I know nothing but me
Nobody else I recognize and found Nobody else more sage than thee
Bulleha who Spouse is around
Bulleha least I know who am I


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