Another child born, another gift of innocence to this world, everyone is joyous, we laugh, felicitating each other, and then we wait.
We wait, we sit and we wait. We let the child grow, we wait, and now when the time is right, we jump, we jump at him, make his loose his innocence, while he knows not what is happening to him. He smiles. He loves the experience. But then, suddenly, he realizes, oh wait, this is not right, I was not this. Who have I become, he asks.
The child is in dust, is pain, the pleasure, the experience, now a distant memory, darkness takes over.
He sits and cries. His cheeks are now black. His eyes red as the blood, his heart bleeding, he tries to walk, but has no energy. He falls.
The night ends, the sun shines on him. He is still in dust, still in pain, still crying. But this time he rises. Rises above the risen, he screams letting his anger be free.
He walks, he thinks, he has two ways to live, either by fighting against forces and making his life, or surrendering to the forces of nature, but taking with him everyone who gave him pain.
He is now making a choice…

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