“Too many young folk have addiction to superficial things and not enough conviction for substantial things like Justice, Truth and Love” says Cornel West. Am I, too, superficial, or do I have conviction in other things. To this day, the idea to write an essay about myself, as most of us have done in school, … More Freedom

I am.

I Am. 1   I am that I am, and I am The Greatest Name 2   I am that I am and I am The All-Compassionate 3   I am that I am and I am The All-Merciful 4   I am that I am and I am The Absolute Ruler 5   I am that I am and … More I am.


What happened today? I don’t remember but I can’t forget It was romantic but not dramatic It was a dream but not a reality Can I be heading the right way? Or am I wandering of the path It seems I don’t care All I know life is too full of fresh air You breathe … More Today

I Believe

I believe I believe, Yet I repent my past, I repent my present, I repent my future, Still I have to live, I have to survive, So that I can provide, To the world some love. Should they not learn how to live in a hive? Even so more they are not bees but human, … More I Believe